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Market and Yelachanahalli. With the mercury rising, passengers have been demanding water facilities at the stations. While certain stations on the Purple Line have drinking water units, none of the underground ones do. BMRCL has called for tenders to supply 22 water coolers and purifiers using the reverse osmosis (RO) technology, to be installed at 11 metro stations across Phase I. These machines will be able to store 80 litres of water and supply 60 litres of cool water an hour. The commissioning will take up to eight weeks from the time we issue the acceptance letter, a senior BMRCL official said. The tentative date for opening the tender documents has been fixed as April 4. In the past, passengers have complained of a lack of drinking water facilities and toilets at metro stations. In fact, this had also led to the state human rights commission directing the company to make provisions. Faced with requests for a reduction in temperature on board during peak hours, the corporation is also considering regulating the temperature at 20C during peak hours.

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